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Cobb Elections

The Cobb County Board of Elections is looking to fill 20-25 positions. You must be a Cobb County Resident and pass a criminal background check. The pay is $13.50, Monday-Friday, however, they offer additional overtime.

  • Call Center (Main Office): Answer voters questions, the ability to communicate clearly, judge what is being asked, select the right information, and judge when to escalate questions or issues to a Supervisor.


A Call Center is set up to answer voters’ questions about when, where and how to vote. The operators use a combination of the computer and written materials to provide information to voters. These positions require Temps with the ability to communicate clearly, judge what is being asked, select the right information, and judge when to escalate questions or issues to a Supervisor. This work is the most difficult to train and is usually staffed with Temps who have the most experience. The location for this work is the Main Office.


  • Data Entry and Clerical: (Main Office): responsible for entering voter registration information for Cobb County citizens into a database to ensure eligibility to vote, forms are scanned and filed, correspondence in written and sent, list are checked for accuracy. Forms are scanned and filed, and correspondence is written and sent. Lists are checked for accuracy. Tasks are specific and repetitive.


Requires 8000 Key Strokes per minute.

  • Advance Voting (multiple locations): Will interact with voters in person, requires a professional appearance and manners, must be willing and able to work at any location - requires flexibility. Various Advance Voting locations will be set up, so that voters who don’t wish to vote on Election Day may cast their ballot in the weeks prior to Election Day. A partnership with a staffing agency is necessary to provide a large number of successful personnel for a short time period. These Temps will interact with voters in person and so must have a professional appearance and manner. Temps must be willing and able to work at any of the locations as needed. The poll closing time is not the end of the shift because voters in line at closing time are allowed to vote. The shift will end when the Temp is released by the Cobb Elections Manager at that location. The location for this work is at multiple locations. (Largest number of Temps). MUST BE COBB COUNTY RESIDENTS

Census Bureau

The positions are full time or part-time (TEMPORARY) with Flexible hours (minimum of 25 - 30 hours a week depending on position hired for) available to meet your scheduling needs. No experience needed (no resume’ to upload) and paid training provided. Pay is $12-27 per hour/paid weekly (pay is based on the county you LIVE in). Must be a US Citizen and the age of 18 or older to qualify. This is for all counties in Georgia however, I am recruiting for Cobb County residents and the pay is $22 per hour for Enumerators. This is absolutely doable even with a full-time job!

Please apply at

This is the number to call to get your Selective Service number (MALES only): 847.688.6888

We are currently hiring for the following positions:

Recruiting Assistant (RA): Responsible for outreach and contacting local organizations to request assistance in providing information about census jobs to the people they serve. RAs will assist people in responding to job advertisements by answering their questions from the public about jobs, qualifications and how to apply. In addition, RAs will conduct formal and informal presentations about census jobs and work at the grassroots level to spread the word about jobs. 

Office Operations Supervisor (OOS): Assists in the management of office functions and day-to-day activities required to support field operations, recruiting, IT support, and administrative activities. The OOS supervises, schedules, and assigns work to clerks and oversees related office operations.

Census Field Supervisor (CFS): Supervises Enumerators/Listers. CFSs train their staff, monitor progress and performance, troubleshoot issues and provide instructions, approve time and expense reports, and may document and recommend termination actions.

Clerk: Performs various administrative and clerical tasks to support various functions, including payroll, personnel, recruiting, field operations, and support functions.  

Enumerator/Lister: Conducts field activities including in-person interviews to gather census data and conducts other follow-ups.

It’s a great job for people that need to work around other schedules, jobs, kids, classes.

When you go online to apply, it will not give you a listing of all the positions we have available however, it will ask a question in reference to, ‘are you interested in a supervisory position’ if you check that box, you will be in the pool for EVERY position we have available. You will also be asked to take an assessment. Please be sure to read each question of the assessment. After you apply, check the website daily to see the status of your application using the Username/Password you created to apply. They are going very fast now, so also, if a strange number calls you from a ‘470’ area code, answer it. If that’s not something you like to do, call it right back to see if it’s someone with the Census Bureau. Also, watch your email (spam too) as they will almost exclusively communicate with you that way.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns by calling our office at 855-562-2020.


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