Facility Reservation

Zion's Sanctuary, Fellowship Halls, Chapel, and Classrooms are available for rental. Please contact the Operation's Clerk for pricing. To request space rental, download and complete the Facility Request Form and fax, email or mail to: 

FAX: (770) 425-2921


EMAIL: operationsclerk@zbcmarietta.org

Zion Baptist Church
165 Lemon St NE

Building C

Marietta, GA 30060

Attn: Operations


FACILITY RESERVATIONS:   Please allow a two-week lead time for an approved event to be scheduled.


SECURITY NOTICE:   Access to the facilities of Zion Baptist Church is restricted to those with an authorized purpose.  Consequently, the doors of the Church will remain locked, during day and evening events.  As a ministry/organization leader, you or a designee must monitor the door to grant entry to attendees of your event.