History ~ 1992 to the Present

Rev. Harris T. Travis was the twenty-third pastor called in August 1992. He was a proactive "educational minister" in a biblical study renaissance as evidenced by the revitalization of the Wednesday Night Bible Class. in 1993, he initiated an early morning Sunday Worship Service starting at 8:00 am and a building fund program for a new educational building. Under Rev. Travis, the Men's Choir was formed in 1993.


The ministers who were licensed under his administration were: 1992 - Ronnie Everson; 1994 - Ramon Harrison, Dorie Tuggle, and Quincy Griggs; 1995- Leonard Ford, Andre Jones; Michael Ware and Beverly Sonnier; 1996 - Re Rollerson, and Evelyn Taylor. In addition, Rev. Maurice Woodard, joined Zion in 1994, Rev. Arlen Griffin joined in 1996 and Rev. Mark Kirkland was added to the list.


The deacons that were ordained in September 1993, were Charles Boyd, Samuel Carter, Phillip Fant, Charles Harris, and James Robinson. In 1995, the following brothers were enlisted for deacons in training: Charles Edward, John Knighton, Gerald Watkins, and George Thompson. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit in 1992, Rev. Travis recommended the reorganization of the Trustee Board so that women could be added to the board for a more diversified group. Sister Amanda Weems and Mother Clara Gunn were pioneers in this endeavor. Deacon Don Johnson was elected as president of the Trustee Board that year.


Another point of interest ~ Rev. Dorie Tuggle was the first female to be licensed at Zion. 

The 1994-1995 calendar year was a season of change at Zion. Rev. Travis, in a spirit of love and dedication the church and the community, sponsored an Evangelistic Crusade in 1994. After the 11:00 am service, members went into the surrounding community with flyers and prayers to encourage people to attend the church.

A new and progressive Trustee Board led by Trustee Charles Ferguson and Trustee Willie Washington was elected. Members of the new board included Evelyn Neely, Pat Allen, Hattie Wilson, Martha Blount, Clara Gunn, Graylan Miller, Chester Simmons, and Louis Walker.

Tribute must be given to five tenured members of Zion:

  1. Deacon George Williams, who was ordained as a deacon in September of 1996 and served as Chairman of the Deacon Board for twenty-nine years.

  2. Deacon Willie Hill, who served as Treasurer for twenty-six years and was ordained as a deacon in 1970.

  3. Deacon/Trustee Albert Mayes Sr., who served for twenty-three-plus years as president of the Trustee Board.

  4. Deacon Joe Neely, who became the clerk/financial secretary of the church, serving four years in that capacity. During his time of service, he bought Zion's first computer. Deacon Neely served wherever and whenever he was needed.

  5. Myrtle Bates (Griffin) served diligently as Deacon Neely's administrative assistant during his tenure.

Honorable mention must be given to three additional members who served tirelessly in the upkeep of the church and the grounds:

  1. Sister Lillie Mae Weaver and Sister Eloise Adams, the cleaning staff for sixteen plus years.

  2. Deacon John Nelson, the groundskeeper for many years and served on the Deacon Board for 18 years.

Also in 1995, Deacon Prather Hunter was elected as chairmen of the Deacon Board in January of that year. Following Deacon Williams, Brother John Knighton was elected as Church Treasurer. Following Deacon Hill, Sister Angela Spurlock was elected Church Clerk and following Deacon Neely,  Sister Yvonne Carter was elected as the Financial Secretary. Over 100 members joined the church in 1995 under the leadership of Rev. Travis. The new members were acclimated to the congregation through the New Members Orientation Class (June 1995) headed by Sister Mary Alice Brown.