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Life Talks

Zion’s vision that every individual would be connected in the context of community. In this season, which has restricted our ability to come together corporately, being connected is more important than ever. Life Talks is intended to address this disconnect. For 6 weeks, we are suspending our normal small group activity so that all ZBC Members and friends can connect in these weekly forums. Life, in general, can be tricky, but this year, with two major crises—COVID 19 and Racial Injustice, taking center stage, life has become trickier than ever to navigate. With this as our backdrop, it is incumbent on the Church to still declare that the answers to everything we question, the plan for the journey we take, and the correct decision in every situation is the Lord and His Word!

Life Talks is the intentional environment we are creating in which the questions can be asked, the journey can be mapped out, and the options can be weighed…


Join us on Mondays at 7 pm for special sessions for Couples and Singles, and Thursdays at 7 pm for special sessions for Men and Women.


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Life Talks for Couples - Making Marriage Work during COVID-19

What is Couple’s Challenge? 

A 6-week commitment to connect and communicate with your spouse and other couples on the journey to a successful, God-centered marriage.

Communication: The Key to a Flourishing Marriage

  1. Creating Space to Communicate - Session 1 Notes

  2. The 5 Levels of Communication - Session 2 Notes

  3. How to Communicate with Compassion

  4. The 5 Love Languages

  5. Voices of Vulnerability

  6. Using Words that Build Up

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Life Talks for Singles

Is being single just "a season" or is it a life sentence? Do you view singleness as God’s plan or His punishment? Is it possible to be single and satisfied? Let’s talk about it. 


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Life Talks for Women

Wife, mother, student, leader . . . women have many roles and many frustrations. In Life Talks for Women, learn, navigate, and appreciate these roles while prioritizing self-care.

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Women’s Audio Devotionals:

Life Talks for Men

Men are faced with pressure ar work, responsibility at home, and injustice in society. Life Talks for Men is a safe space to talk, share, and be sharpened. 

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Men’s Audio Devotionals: