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Sunday, May 24, 2020



SCRIPTURE MESSAGE: 2 Samuel  24:1,8-18, 25



David sinned when he counted his military might. (2 Samuel 24:9-10).  Not only did he count his military, but he was counting ON his military.  In the past, he took comfort in his God.  Now, he took comfort in his count. 


  1. We should be careful not to depend on a man or on material things. (Psalm 20:7; 118:8-9)

  2. What we so often depend on is frail and fleeting. (2 Samuel 24:15; Job 1:21; 1 Peter 1:24-25)

  3. No matter our mistakes, God’s mercy is great.  (Isaiah 1:18)

  4. Though God allows us to face crises, God still cares for us (2 Samuel 24:14,16).

  5. When we cannot trace God’s hand, we can trust God’s heart.  (Jeremiah 29:11)

  6. We can always turn to God in prayer (2 Samuel 24:25; Luke 23:39-42)




  1. What are some things in your life that have made you feel comfortable and secure?

   2. Describe something(s) you counted on, but it was lost or reduced.   

   3. Describe a situation that was beyond your ability and resources that forced you to depend on God.

   4. Describe a testimony of a situation when God displayed his mercy in your life. What could have or should have been?

Sunday, May 17, 2020

SERMON TITLE: The Testimony of What Never Happened



David the Psalmist went through some trials – betrayal by friends and family, homelessness, wars, a plague, violent attacks, kidnapped or murdered children, failures, etc.  In Psalm 37, he provides a brief testimony of his experiences in 3 parts:

1) His past  - ‘once young’      2) His present – ‘now old’        3) What he never saw

Of all the hard times David saw over the years, he was still blessed never to see certain things.


  • Despite hard times, it is a blessing to still be alive. 

  • Our tests develop our testimony.  

  • God calls us not to beg, but to believe.   (Matthew 17:20; Mark 9:23)

  • We should all thank God for what He has done in our lives.

       And we should all thank God for what never took place in our lives. 


APPLICATION -     Your Testimony


  • Part I - Share the highlights of what ‘once was’ in your life.

  • Part II - Where are you now in life.

    • Share some of the struggles you faced from then to now. 

    • Share some major life lessons you have learned over the years.

  • Part III - What are some things you can thank God that you never saw in your life? 

Sunday, May 3, 2020

SERMON TITLE: A Praise Out of Prison



David is hiding in a cave, so hurt that he cries (142:1) and complains (142:2) to God in this Lament Psalm.  His external circumstances have affected his internal condition (142:3).   As he prays to God, his pain is on display.  David felt his soul was so imprisoned that he was unable to praise God (142:7). 


  • If we are not careful, our exterior stress can lead to interior distress.

  • Inner turmoil can happen to anyone of us.  (Matthew 26:37-39; Job 3:1-3, 24-26)

  • Our exterior troubles do not have to lead to interior troubles.  (2 Corinthians 4:8-9)

  • Praying may not always be pretty, but it can always be productive.  (Philippians 4:6-7)

  • Our praise is the manifestation of gratitude for God’s deliverance (Luke 7: 41-48)

  • Describe some of the exterior challenges you have faced or are facing right now. How do these challenges make you feel?

  • Describe a stressful period in your life and what it did to you on the inside. How did you learn to cope with it?

  • Describe any type of bondage or imprisonment you have ever experienced – physical, financial, relational, emotional, etc.  How did you recover?

  • Describe what freedom looks and feels like in your life.

Be honest with God in prayer and tell God how you feel and what you would like God to do for you.
Sunday, April 19, 2020

SERMON TITLE: Before and After

SCRIPTURE PASSAGE: Psalm 119:67-68


  • The Psalmist provides a three-part testimony:

  1. His Before - a prior period when he went astray.

  2. His affliction – state of pain, distress, grief, or misery.

  3. His After – his transformation back to God

  • Affliction often serves as a wakeup call. 


  • If it were not for affliction, many of us would still be astray


  • We owe our salvation and our sanctification to our affliction. 

…But now I will obey your word.

  • Affliction brings us to our knees in prayer and dependence on God.

(Judges 16:20-21, 28; Jonah 2:1;  Isaiah 38:1-2)


  1. Describe your ‘before’ - a time when you 'went astray'.

  2. Describe what events in your life led you to change. 

  3. What are some afflictions you have dealt with in your life?

  4. Describe your 'after'. How you have changed?

  5. What are some things affliction has taught you?   

Sunday, April 12, 2020

SERMON TITLE: Life Is Not Over For You



Jesus was crucified, he died and was buried.  His grave was sealed and guarded.  As far as his disciples could see, Jesus, the ministry, and life as they knew it was over.   It was over until God raised Jesus from the dead. 

  1. It’s never over for God.  God does not have any deadlines.

  2. Because a situation is over according to facts, it does not mean it has to be over by faith. 

  3. The Bible is full of ‘should have been over’ situations that, in fact, were not over.  (Daniel 3:22-25; Genesis 18:10-14; Isaiah 38:1-5; John 11:39, 44

Despite their grief, the women got up early and went to Jesus’ grave.

   4. God gives us the ability to get up no matter what the situation.

   5. Because God got Jesus up from the dead, there is no situation we cannot get up from. 


  1. Describe how your own situation should have been over but proved not to be over.

  2. Describe situations you are dealing with or praying about that seem to be near ‘over’.

  3. How can you maintain your faith when the facts don’t line up? 

Sunday, April 5, 2020

SERMON TITLE: Many are the Afflictions . . .



  • None of us has an exemption from affliction.

Jesus knew he would face great affliction when he rode into Jerusalem (Matthew 20:6-9)


  •  If life is no easier, why be a Christian?

  1. For God's power.  For strength to face life's afflictions (Psalm 27:1)

  2. For God's peace (Isaiah 26:3)

  3. For God's presence (Matthew 28:20)

  4. For God's promised provision and protection. (Jeremiah 29:11)


  • Despite our afflictions, God still deserves praise (34:1).  Our Savior suffered for our sins.


  • God's deliverance of Jesus from death means there is nothing God cannot deliver us from (Matthew 28:18).


  1. Share any testimony of how God delivered you?

  2. The definition of affliction: a state of pain, distress, or grief; misery. Describe any afflictions you have faced.

  3. What makes you different as a believer, given we all face afflictions?

  4. Are you able to "bless the Lord at all times" (Psalm 34:1) or is that difficult for you?

Sunday, March 29, 2020

SERMON TITLE: What to Do When Bad Goes to Worse

SCRIPTURE PASSAGE: 1 Samuel 30:1-19


In 1 Samuel 30, David’s life went from very bad to worse.  He and his men lost their wives, children, and possessions (1 Samuel 30:3).

There are several lessons we can learn what to do when life goes from bad to worse.

  1. Strengthen Yourself  (1 Samuel 30:6)

  2. Stay On Your knees  (1 Samuel 30:8)

  3. Stand your ground.   (1 Samuel 30:18-9)


  1. Describe some challenges you are facing today?

  2. Describe a difficult situation in your past and how you got through it?

  3. What are you still thankful for at this time?

  4. What do you do to maintain your inner strength?

  5. What are you claiming during this trying time period?

Sunday, March 22, 2020

SERMON TITLE: The Cure for our Calamity

SCRIPTURE PASSAGE: 2 Chronicles 7:12-16


King Solomon reigned during an unprecedented period of peace and prosperity. But God forewarned us that hard times will come.  And God has given us a prescription for troubled times (2 Chronicles 7:14)


  1. Who? God’s people (plural- together)

  2. What? Prayer.

  3. Where?  Anywhere, especially in the house of God  (2 Chronicles 7:15-16)

  4. When?  Anytime – especially in the time of trouble  (2 Chronicles 7:13)

  5. Why?  For help and for healing

  6. How?  Diligently seek with humility and repentance


  1. How are you faring during this unprecedented period of uncertainty?

  2. What are your concerns during this period?

  3. What point stood out most to you from the scripture or sermon?

  4. How is your prayer life at this time?

  5. Share specific prayer requests and PRAY.

  6. Who are you or will you CONNECT with and reach out to in prayer? 

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