Vision and Mission




The Church Where Everybody is Somebody and Christ is Lord!




The purpose of Zion Baptist Church is to raise up dedicated followers of Jesus Christ from all generations who will transform the community of Cobb County and beyond through God's infectious love.


Mission Statement


The mission of Zion Baptist Church is to reach all generations (for Jesus Christ) by embracing each individual with brotherly love, teaching all to live (as devoted and) effective followers of Jesus Christ.




The vision of Zion Baptist Church is to see every individual as spiritually mature in Christ.


In worship and prayer ~ Passionate and consistent in earnest prayer + Fervent and expressive in sincere worship of God


In Discipleship ~ Diligent in the study of the scriptures + an example in holiness and integrity + surrendered to and sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit + developing and reproducing other followers of Christ


In Fellowship ~ Loving, caring, and sensitive in relationships + faithfully devoted to family + connected in a small group of believers in accountability


In Service ~ Eager to serve others + kind-hearted to strangers + enthusiastically hospitable


In Outreach ~ Inviting and sharing Christ with unbelievers + active in and supportive of Christ's mission abroad + invested in ministry outside the walls of the church + an active advocate for social, political, and economic justice


In Stewardship ~ Sacrificially generous in giving their time, talents, and treasures + conscientious of personal health and the environment + wise stewards of personal finances