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Pastor Eric M. Beckham

TITLE: You Do Not Have To Put Up With This!

SCRIPTURE: 1 Samuel 17:4-37




Twice a day for 40 days straight, the Israelite army was threatened and taunted by the menacing giant Goliath.  They accepted and lived with his taunts, and no one stood up to it, except a young shepherd boy named David.


  • Some of us have been putting up with situations that we should not.  


  • God did not save us for us to settle for defeat.  


  • We do not have to accept defeat


  • Our faith calls us to fight


  • With God, we have NO EXCUSES. 

      On paper, David had little chance.  But he made no excuses. 





  • Is there anything in your life you have been “putting up with” that you wish was different?


  • What have your excuses been?  Or what are you waiting for?


  • What are some steps you can take to not settle? 


  • In what ways can you “Fight” that will show your faith?

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