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Pastor Eric M. Beckham

TITLE: Acts 27:18-26; 42-44

SCRIPTURE: A Miracle of Survival




Paul and 269 others sailed through a frightening storm of complete darkness for 14 days.  Verse 20 says they “gave up all hope of being saved.”  


  • Life can sometimes force us to funeralize our faith. 


  • The good news is that even when we give up, God doesn’t give up on us.


  • Paul was the only one who held out hope. There are times we must believe, even when no one else understands.


  • God sent Paul a promise that the ship would not survive, but they all would survive. Our Faith should not be based on facts we can see, but on our Father, we can hear. (Hebrew 11:1)


God has also promised our survival. 

  • Your salvation will survive. (John 10:29; Jude 1:24; Philippians 1:6)

  • Your Sanity will survive. (Isaiah 26:3)

  • Your Serenity will survive. (Philippians 4:7)

  • Your spirit will survive. (Psalm 30:5; Isaiah 51:11)




  1. Describe a situation you thought was over, but it turned out not to be.

  2. Share your testimony of survival – of what “should have” been but is not.

  3. Describe a situation when you “lost all hope” realizing things were not going to turn out the way you desperately hoped. Describe how you survived that situation.

  4. Share some of the facts you face that may cast doubt.  What promises from God apply?


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