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The Getting Active Through High Energy Recreation ministry is an adult sports recreation/fitness ministry. The vision for G.A.T.H.E.R. is to build, nurture and sustain authentic relationships within and surrounding the community of Zion Baptist Church. The mission of G.A.T.H.E.R is to increase the cardiovascular health of our adults, families, and the church body while feeding our spirits and minds through interaction and engagement.   Connect>

Ministry to Women

The mission of this ministry is to cultivate Christian principles, to facilitate and develop lay leaders, and to foster spiritual growth resulting in willing lifestyle changes, among female members of the Church. It also encourages a Christian-based sisterhood of service while supporting

and advancing the God-given vision of our pastor and the overall purpose of the church.     Connect>

Men's Ministry

This ministry reaches and ministers to the needs of the men of Zion by bringing together males of all ages, so that they can be nurtured and equipped to serve God faithfully in their own lives, families, workplaces, church, community and the world.    Connect


Senior Adult Ministry

This ministry provides a stimulating, friendly Christian environment, where senior adults (50 and older) within Zion and in the community can come together for fellowship.  An cadre of programs, including dinners, fashion shows, local and cross-country excursions provide wholesome opportunities to stay actively engaged.  Connect>

Marriage Ministry

This ministry consists of married and soon-to-be married members of Zion, who come together for spiritual, social and educational enrichment.  Connect>

Singles Ministry

The purpose of this ministry to support single adults at Zion.  All un-wed (never married, divorced or widowed) male and female believers in Christ, over the age of 18 are invited to join.    As a single believer in Jesus Christ, you have been singled out for service.  We want you to join us in leading the best possible life, as a witness to our Lord and Savior; wholly committed to a real Christian lifestyle in today's world.     Connect>

Sisters of Strength

This ministry is for young women, between the ages of 18-25.  It is established to help them develop and share their gifts and talents, thus building a lifestyle that reflects the image of Christ, glorifies God and edifies others.  Connect>


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