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The ministry provides the opportunity for members of all ages to illustrate Christian principles and illuminate the Word of God through artistic expression.  Members participate in training to develop knowledge and skill in creative expression; and also engage in outreach activities.   Connect>

Liturgical Dance - Adults


This ministry is for adults, who desire to worship God through liturgical dance.  Connect

Youth Praise Dancers


This ministry is for youth of all ages and genders to participate in the worship of God through liturgical dance. As David danced unto the Lord, we too have the freedom and gifting to worship God through the art of dance.     Connect>



This ministry leads the Church in the worship of God through music.  An opportunity to serve God and His people is provided to all ages and genders.  Currently, Zion has a Male Chorus, Mass Choir, Youth Choir and Sunbeam Choir.  Special choirs are also organized for the annual celebration of Men’s Day (The Multitude) and Women’s Day (Kingdom Women).  Connect

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