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The Children & Youth Ministry is a very active and energetic ministry within Zion Baptist Church. It serves almost 400 children & youth. The five purposes of the ministry are to teach and equip children and youth in worship, evangelism, fellowship, discipleship and serving God’s people. They are led in the ways of Christ and provided with tools for studying and growing in God's word for their everyday lives. All adults engaged in ministry to Zion children and Youth are required to complete Stewards of Children Training, which includes a background check.   




  • Girl Scouts 

  • Sisters Keepers

  • Sisters of Strength 

  • Sons of Zion

  • Step Team 

  • Sunbeam Choir

  • Youth Choir 

  • Youth Praise Dancers

  • Youth Ushers 















This committee promotes fellowship and provides a six-week leadership and college readiness program each year starting in January for high school seniors who are members (or related to a family member) of Zion Baptist Church.

This year's program dates are below:

  • September 06, 2023 - November 15, 2023,

  • Graduate Sunday will continue as 4th Sunday in May 2024.



Zion Baptist Church (ZBC) has an ongoing commitment to the education process and a desire to recognize the accomplishments of high school graduates who attempt to further their education. This Zion Baptist Church scholarship is given to encourage young high school graduates to pursue the goal of achieving excellence through higher education. We hope that those identified through this scholarship will exemplify not only excellence in academics but also spiritual leadership in the community as well.


Funds for the scholarships are provided by Zion Baptist Church and are used solely for the graduating seniors of the church to support the youth of ZBC graduating from high school.



The application process for the high school graduation class of 2024 is now open.  Please download the forms below for information, guidelines, and eligibility. For more information, contact Deacon Mike McCloud at, Scholarship Committee Chair, at


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