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Jesus used small groups to create momentum and launched His divine plan to redeem mankind by making disciples. One might ask why He would choose this method to make disciples. Jesus knew that most meaningful changes take place in the context of small group relationships – iron sharpening iron with the truth of Scripture, encouraging each other for the daily battle, and sticking with each other through life’s ups and downs.


Today, despite the "gospel saturation" in America, only 8 million of 98 million men are involved in any kind of ongoing discipleship. The main method of Jesus has fallen into disuse--it has lost momentum. This is tragic, because Mission Number One of Christian service is to make (create, capture, sustain) disciples. God wants to bring men and women to full maturity in Christ. Making "small groups" a core value can create the momentum to get us where we want to go.


Many small groups fade out. Ironically, the same small group that can bring about great change is also fragile to sustain. The goal is to "create, capture, and sustain disciples." How can we overcome inertia? To make disciples we need momentum--we must "create, capture, and sustain momentum." So what's the secret? The secret of momentum is to "create, capture, and sustain value." We are currently seeking Small Group Facilitators. If you would like to be a facilitator or you are interested in becoming a part of a small group, fill out the sign up form below and someone will contact you!

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