Small Groups at Zion

At Zion, our vision is to see every individual connected, growing, serving, and going.  Small Groups are a key means by which believers connect with God and with each other. So, connecting becomes the key purpose of Small Groups at Zion.

In our modern culture, small groups are often viewed merely as a program or a fellowship ministry within the church. But for the New Testament church, it was a way of life. Their relationships with one another were critical to their pursuit of Jesus, their growth in Christ, their service to one another, and their witness to the Good News. It would be impossible to experience biblical community apart from spiritually significant, intentional relationships with other believers. Relational structures like small groups, therefore, are an integral part of 'being' the church. Click HERE to join.

ZBC presents Through Eyes of Color by Lisa Fields. Cynthia Crawford, director of discipleship and multiplication, will lead the series and engage in transparent dialogue that resonates with many. You don’t want to miss this! Small group sessions. We’re growing in Christ and understanding how to apply it in life. Click JOIN A GROUP to sign up. For questions about RightNow account information, contact Rev. Cynthia Crawford at cynthia.crawford@zbcmarietta.org.